Q. Are you Licensed & Insured with the State of IL?

A: Yes we are! We are Fully Licensed & Insured (ICC161368)

Q. Do you use something to protect our furniture during the move?

A: We can blanket wrap, stretch wrap your personal effects in order to avoid damaging them and keeping them clean

Q. Can I leave my clothes in my Dresser or Chest?

A: No, due to added weight and the liability of structure damage during transit we highly recommend you remove all clothes and pack them in boxes/bags

Q. Do you accept Credit Cards?

A: We accept Credit Cards (Visa, MC or Discover) for moves of $600 or more

Q. Should I tip my movers?

A: While the movers do not expect a set amount, we suggest a tip based on your satisfaction with your crew and the overall move; with a broad guideline of $5-10 per man, per hour. If you feel that your movers went above and beyond in their efforts, you may want to increase the amount accordingly.

Q. How can I prepare for my move?

A: To help prepare for your move, please visit our moving tips.

Q. How does your scheduling work?

A: The guys usually start at 8am-9am and end when the last item is delivered. Due to this, our afternoon moves do not have fixed start times. We use 1pm-5pm as a guideline…The start times vary depending on when previous moves finish. We kindly ask you to be available (2) two hours prior to and after the scheduled move time frame.